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Got Gmail? Features You Should Definitely Be Using

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There are over 1 BILLION active Gmail accounts in the world. So…Odds are you or someone you know has a gmail account.

Even if you use Gmail as a personal account your occasionally check or utilize, there are features which can make your user experience better.

Check out @Buzzfeed‘s easy-to-skim article,“15 Gmail Features You Should Definitely Be Using” for ways to maximize your Gmail account benefits.

Using Gmail for business? Consider letting us host a professional email with your business name as the domain for as little as $2/month. A professional email address helps legitimize your business, build your brand and gain client trust. (Example: vs.

The Bryant PC Solutions Team is here to be your fully-staffed, full-service I.T. company! A one-stop provider who can host your email, website, phone system, server and more!

Well….and we are a pretty fun crew who genuinely cares about our clients!

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