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We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to manage your blog from anywhere. In this blog post, we’ll share the ways you can post to your Wix Blog.

Ugh...Mondays can be rough...

okay, for some of you that might be an understatement. However, we can choose to have a positive attitude of determination. Easier said than done when you are bombarded, right?

Here are some productivity tips and tactics we utilize in our small business:

  • MAKE SOME TASKS & PROCESSES ‘AUTO-MAGICAL’: Identify the general tasks you do multiple times a day (even the ones that you don’t feel take too much time, but are done a lot in a day.) Then, evaluate your tech tools and processes to determine if there is a way to automate tasks.

Need Help? Call us with your objective/problem, and our techs will connect you with reasonable, effective solutions

  • PROACTIVELY COMMUNICATE: If you find yourself verbalizing or emailing the same communications over and over (both internally and externally), there are a few things you might consider doing to streamline communications:

  • Create stock emails and save them. Add consistency to your branding/instructions/general communications, all while saving time.

  • Consider adjusting your auto-attendant to better route calls and provide general info to your callers/clients

  • Create an onboarding email and print assets to educate your client and manage their expectations on both your services and your processes.

  • PLAN, MEASURE & MANAGE: We all know we need to plan and have goals, but we don’t always write them down and/or share the information with your team members.

Plan: Write down your goals and keep them on your desk or in a highly visible area.

  • Measure: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Determine how you will measure your tactics and determine if they are helping you accomplish your goals. Make sure you automate your reports, otherwise the time investment may diminish the value of the data.

  • Manage: You have a plan, you have the data, now you just need to evaluate the two and perpetually make informed adjustments in your business.

The Result: More Time for You to Crush Your Goals! Your time is valuable and how you spend it impacts your ability to succeed.

Your talents are valuable and you should be empowered to use your expertise to drive your business!

WHAT IS SOMETHING YOU ARE HOPING TO DO SO YOUR FUTURE SELF WILL BE GRATEFUL? Leave a comment on our blog or on our social media platforms. We care about your business!

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