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The best 4K TVs for watching the big game

Enjoy the biggest football game of the season in 4K.

4K TVs are more of a mainstay buy than a luxury purchase these days. They're so much the norm, in fact, that it's unlikely to find more than a few non-4K options in stock at any given store. If you're looking to buy a 4K TV ahead of the big NFL football game, you're in the right place.

With more options than ever, it's important to understand the features you will want to focus on in order to narrow down the best TVs for you.

Wait, I thought 4K TVs were super expensive

They used to be, but not anymore. The saturated 4K TV market that we now find ourselves in has led to a more palatable price range, with most brands focusing on their budget-friendly lines just as much as they are on premium ones. $1,000 is hardly an accurate marker for the level of affordability that 4K has reached — at this point, it's easy to find a decent 4K TV under $500.

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